Things To Do in Ladysmith, WI

Yes, there are things to do here. Okay, okay, calm down all you Ladysmith natives, it’s just a joke. This industrial northern Wisconsin small town of about 3,000 people (with lots of smaller, surrounding towns) is located along the scenic Flambeau River in Rusk County. But even though it’s small, it has a surprising amount of local resources.

What To Do

Take a walk through Memorial Park

Memorial Park, Ladysmith, WIMemorial Park, Ladysmith, Wisconsin

Memorial Park is my absolute favorite place in Ladysmith. If you follow me on social media, you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, I know. You’ve posted a billion photos of it on Facebook and Instagram.” I can’t help it. The natural beauty of the Flambeau was practically in my backyard. It has beautiful scenic views at any time of the day. It’s my favorite place to walk or run, and is a great place to just sit and be.

Indulge with some incredible ice cream at Corks N Stuff

Corks N' Stuff Ice CreamThis place has some of the best ice cream you’ll ever have. They get their product from Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Inside they have beer and wine-making supplies, and outside is a mini golf course, making it a great option for date night;)

Canoe the Flambeau

Canoe on the Flambeau River

I’m SO glad I got to do this my last summer living here. We rented canoes for about $30 each through Flambeau Adventures. The owner, Jason, was easy to coordinate with and didn’t mind we ended up underestimating the time it would take to arrive.

There were several different routes and difficulty levels to choose from, and Jason helped us decide on a route he thought would work best for us. We were looking for something pretty laid back with some good fishing for the boys, and that’s exactly what we got.

Fishing the Flambeau River

Gorgeous, peaceful scenery. Would absolutely do again! You can go as fast or slow as you like. The boys took their time fishing so me and my friend ended up pulling onto a rocky beach for a bit waiting for them to catch up to us. Great way to spend a summer day!

Sip some coffee or tea at The Toad House

Toadhouse Front Porch

Whenever I have visitors I always try to take them to The Toad House. It’s a cute little bakery, coffee shop, and art gallery featuring a lot of local artists and writers. The only problem is their hours are kind of selective. Make sure you check to see if they’re open before you stop by.

Where to Eat

The two restaurants I’ll talk about are my go-to favorites if I have to recommend a restaurant or want to go out to eat in Ladysmith. There are other options, including Dairy Queen, Subway, McDonald’s, Ladysmith Family Restaurant, Grandpa’s Pizza and Grill, Tee Away, and Eastern Chinese, among others. But these are my favorites.

The Pickled Gill

The Pickled Gill, Ladysmith, WI

Great food, friendly service and a relaxed environment. If you find yourself at the Pickled Gill for dinner, ask for their skinny dipping sauce—it’s so good…on everything and anything. And if you’re looking for a drink, they have amazing Bloody Mary’s.

Casa Mexicana

Casa Mexicana, Ladysmith, WI

I realize this is a chain, but I frequent this establishment so often the staff walks up to our table and asks, “Strawberry margarita?”

Good food, friendly staff, Spanish music, buy one get one margaritas on Monday’s, what’s not to like? I recommend ordering the queso dip—it’s worth the three dollars. My favorite thing to eat there is the enchiladas. But it’s all good. Also if it’s your birthday, you get to wear the sombrero and they’ll smear deep fried ice cream on your face as they sing to you.

Casa Mexicana, Fried Ice Cream and Sombrero

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  1. Traci Lynn Abernathy says:

    You can rent snow shoes (in the Winter, Duh)for free from the welcome center and take the trail by the old mine.

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