The Leinie Lodge

Home of the Leinenkugel Brewery Company. Out of all the breweries I’ve been to, the Leinie Lodge is probably the one I’ve frequented most often, mostly because it was an easy day trip from Ladysmith when I was hosting visitors (about a 45 minute drive). I love the atmosphere here: northwoodsy feel, lively and open, and full of history.

Tasting at the Leinie Lodge

Leinenkugel Brewing

There are several displays throughout the grounds of old photos and even old products that show the evolution of the brand. Fun fact: during the prohibition, Leinenkugel’s became a soda factory to stay afloat!

I highly suggest taking the walking tour. I’ve taken the tour at least four different times and I’ve always enjoyed it. They have very knowledgable tour guides who walk you through the company’s history from start to finish, and give you a lesson on how the brewery process actually works.

Leinenkugel Brewery Tour

And don’t skip out on the best part…the tasting! For $5 you get a 5oz sampler glass with five different fills of your beer of choice. Or for $10, you get a pint glass with two fills. And you get to take the logo-ed glass home with you! (Needless to say we have a few of each at our house.) I usually get the smaller glass because I like to sample the different flavors depending on the season. Just remember, you can drink before and after your tour, but you cannot take a glass with you during the tour. So make sure you time it right so as to not waste your beer!

While you’re sampling, guests are welcome to walk around the Leinies Lodge and check out all the merchandise and souvenirs. A bit on the pricey side, but high quality clothing and trinkets.

If it’s summer, be sure to sit on the giant lawn chair known as the Leinie Lounger for a change in perspective.

Leinie Lounger

And finally, if you ask nicely one of their friendly bartenders might take the classic photo of you and your friends under the beer tap.

Leinie Lodge Beer Tap

Check out their website for hours, details, and special events!


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