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Villa Bellezza Vineyard and Winery in Pepin, Wisconsin: A Review

This winery, located in Pepin, Wisconsin is relatively new to the area, but holds a special place in my heart as the host of my first winery tour I ever attended! If you want to step out of Wisconsin for bit and pretend you’re on a vacation in Italy, this is the perfect place.

We learned on the tour that the look of Villa Bellezza was modeled after Italian architecture, and in my opinion is nothing short of stunning. A little time hop to a different part of the world.

Villa Bellezza

The tours are limited (they only take place on Saturdays at 11:30 am) but very detailed, and led by one of the owners, Julianne. I think it ran about an hour long as she walked us through the grounds and explained both the wine-making process and the history of how Villa Bellezza came to be. We got an up close look at a lot of the equipment and I learned so much about wine I didn’t know! (Example, red wine gets its color by leaving the skins in with the juice…seems obvious but I had never thought about it before!)


When the tour was over we headed to the tasting room where we got to sample 4-5 different wines of our choice, plus a complimentary sample of their featured wine. The tasting is free if you buy a certain number of bottles, otherwise it was only $5-$10.

After the tasting my mom and I each bought a glass of wine and meandered throughout the grounds, enjoying the beautiful day and checking out the other buildings. Villa Bellezza would be a gorgeous venue for a wedding or event. And if you’re looking for a bite to eat, there’s a restaurant onsite that serves Italian entrees and pizza.

Glass of wine at Villa Bellezza

My mama and me exploring Villa Bellezza grounds with our wine!

My mama and me exploring Villa Bellezza grounds with our wine!

If you’re interested in sneaking a peak at their wines ahead of time, check out their wine list on their website. My mom likes her wine sweet and white, so two of her favorites were the Tavala White and Dolce, the dessert wine. So yummy! I enjoyed the Petit Blanc, a dry white with a hint of grapefruit.

All in all, quite a fabulous way to spend an afternoon:)

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