A Rant About Sunrises and Life

A few weeks ago I posted a photo about watching the sun come up with my dad while we enjoy our morning cup of coffee. It’s truly one of my favorite things about home for me, the early morning chats we have, just the two of us, before the world (and the rest of the family) is awake.

I’m slightly obsessed and forever fascinated with sunrises and sunsets to the point where I can’t stop myself from snapping a photo of one, and wake up disappointed if I miss it. And I think I finally figured out where I get this fascination for simple things as well as my appreciation for the beauty our world has to offer us if we just learn to look for it: I inherited it from my dad.

The two of us don’t see eye to eye on every issue and have different outlooks on different aspects of life. But one value we both share is our appreciation of nature’s beauty. We talked for almost an hour about the sunrise itself that morning, just the two of us and our hot mugs of coffee, gazing at the painted sky.

Each one is equally stunning, but no two are the same. They only last about 15 minutes, and I can never seem to capture its essence on camera the same way I experience it in real life. And it happens every day, twice a day. A brief moment of fascination, gratitude, and raw beauty.

And not everyone gets that. It’s just a bunch of colors to them.

I think that sort of speaks to what I want this blog to be, how I want to live my life. I want to experience life. Appreciate it. Be fascinated with its gloriousness.

I’m working on seeing the world, a little bit at a time. But as I plan for those future endeavors, I plan to live in my present to the fullest in all that it can be. And it starts with a sunrise.

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