How To Spend a Girls’ Weekend in Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells is a popular destination for young families during the summer months. It’s probably not the first place that comes to mind when looking to get together with your girl friends in the middle of winter/early spring.

My previous experience with The Dells was mostly family trips to the themed water parks. But as it turns out, there’s a lot more to do in The Dells for adults than I realized.

The location of Wisconsin Dells was the main reason we chose it, as it was a city central to all of our new locations since we’d moved on with life after college. We chose The Wilderness because it was one of the more budget friendly options available.

Friday Night

We all drove down after work on Friday night and met at the hotel. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat. The water park itself was closed by the time we had all arrived from our various locations (the purchase of our hotel room included water park passes for all of us). So Friday night was spent mostly chatting and catching up in our hotel room.

Coffee and Exploring the Resort

In the morning we headed down to the Starbucks for coffee, located inside the resort, and set out to explore the different areas of The Wilderness grounds. There is a spa located in the resort, something I’d maybe try at another time.

Pool Time

When we were done exploring, we decided to take advantage of our free water passes by spending some time relaxing in the hot tub and trying out some of the slides (because slides are still fun, even when you’re supposed to be “grown up”).

Me and You Boutique

After a shower and lunch, we ventured out into the city in search of the “Me and You Boutique”. They had just about everything you could think of, from books to games and toys to clothes. It’d be a great place to pick up some fun trinkets for a bachelorette party.

Gambling at Ho-Chunk Casino 

When we were finished shopping, we spent a few hours at the Ho-Chunk Casino. Gambling is not really my thing, but the other girls had fun playing the slot machines and hoping for big payout.

Dinner and Drinks at Moose Jaw Pizza and Brewing Co. 

Following the casino we had dinner at Moose Jaw Pizza and Brewing Co. I don’t think any of us actually got pizza, but their other food was amazing. A popular place too. I tried the Honey Ale, which was good, but it’d be nice to go back and sample more of their microbrews!
Moose Jaw Pizza and Brewing Co. Wisconsin Dells

The Reef Nightclub

And finally, we ended the night with lots of dancing! We spent most of our evening at The Reef Nightclub (a simple Uber ride to and from our destination ensured responsible fun). There was a cover charge…I think about $10 if I’m remembering correctly.
The Reef Night Club

That’s just one way to spend a weekend in The Dells! There’s so many other options from exploring the downtown area to shopping at the outlet mall to winery hopping! We almost opted for a spa weekend as well, but decided to go with something more budget friendly.

Long story short, Wisconsin Dells is a great place to turn an ordinary weekend into a mini vacation for all ages.

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