Eau Claire, Wisconsin BridgeEau Claire Madison Street Bridge

Things To Do in Eau Claire, WI

Growing up, Eau Claire, Wisconsin was the largest city near my hometown (about a 30 minute drive). I associate it mostly with running errands that couldn’t be done closer to home (i.e. Sam’s Club and Menards), shopping at the Oakwood Mall, and orthodontist appointments from when I had braces…

It wasn’t until I was older that I realized there’s a lot more to do in this college town than just shopping. And as it is the central city hub for a lot of small, surrounding towns, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things to do in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Sip and Paint at Cheers Pablo

When I discovered Cheers Pablo, it was my go-to gift for birthdays, Mother’s day (all the days!) because I enjoyed my experience there so much. Now you might be thinking, “I’m not artistic. I wouldn’t know where to start.” But that’s okay! Cheers Pablo classes are designed for all levels, including beginners. The classes are usually led by an artist or former art teacher, who give step by step directions on how to create your masterpiece. The canvas, paint colors, and brushes are all provided for you when you arrive.

Cheers Pablo Sip and Paint

Cheers Pablo Sip and Paint

My sisters and I got my mom a Sip and Paint for Mother’s Day and she loved it!

Classes run about $35 each. To secure your spot for a particular day or painting, be sure to check out the calendar on their website and purchase your spot online. There’s only a certain amount of seats available per project, and some paintings and/or times are more popular than others.IMG_2082

Attend an Express Baseball Game at Carson Park

Eau Claire Express Baseball

Love these minor league events! What goes better with summertime than baseball and beer? Head to the concessions for drinks and snacks, grab your seat, and enjoy the game. There will be plenty to entertain you, from the music, to engaging the crowd in mini competitions between innings, and sometimes even dueling pianos and fireworks!

(Disclaimer: Don’t become friends with someone who works there or they’ll make you put on the sumo suits and race….

Express Baseball Sumo SuitsExpress Baseball Sumo Suit Race

JK…it ended up being pretty fun. That’s me on the left…who can’t get up.)

If you’re really lucky, you might get a chance to see the Express Mascot, Trax and his wife Trix! (Don’t ask what they’re supposed to be…no one knows…)

Eau Claire Express Trix

Have a Coffee and a Pastry at ECDC

If you’re looking for some good coffee, I highly recommend ECDC , a downtown cafe located at the Lismore Hotel. Open and modern atmosphere with a fireplace lounge, locally sourced ingredients, and high quality coffee: the perfect place to catch up with a friend, meet a client, or just relax with your morning cup of joe.

Visit the Eau Claire Downtown Farmer’s Market

If you’re in the area from May to October, check out Eau Claire’s Farmer’s Market in Phoenix Park. You’ll be surrounded by local vendors, yummy samples, fresh, local produce, and beautiful flowers.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin Farmer's Market

If you feel like wandering off a bit to enjoy the summer air, take a stroll across the Madison Street Bridge to enjoy some scenic views of the Chippewa River.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin BridgeEau Claire Madison Street Bridge

River Bend Vineyard and Winery

Okay, so this isn’t right in Eau Claire. It’s about twenty minutes north, but totally worth the drive. This is my favorite winery to date, possibly because I spent the most beautiful summer afternoon here last June.

Riverbed Vineyard and WineryThey have a pretty wide variety of wines, and offer free tastings to help you decide how to narrow your choices down! I believe they were split up into sweet and dry flights. Once you find your favorite, grab a bottle or a glass and head out to their gorgeous patio! (Note: There is limited seating available, but customers are invited to bring blankets or chairs of their own to enjoy their wine on-site, overlooking the vineyards…which is exactly what we did!) 

Riverbed Vineyard and WineryFun Fact: All of their wines are produced, bottled, and labeled on-site. Check out their website for hours and more information.

IMG_6721If liquor is more your thing, River Bend Distilling is right next door. They offer various drink specials using their spirit products, including a white whiskey sour which I highly recommend.

Riverbed Vineyard and Winery


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