Common Types of Red Wine

Where to Find the Best Wineries near La Crosse, Wisconsin


If there’s one thing we all know I love and cherish, it’s wine! I finally made it to most of the major wineries/vineyards in my area and am happy to report that Wisconsin knows a thing or two about grapes;)

River View Winery and Vineyard

River View Winery

Stroll to the other side of the Mississippi and up some windy bluffs to find yourself a vineyard with a view. River View Winery in La Crescent offers free tastings on Saturday and a variety of reds, whites, and blushes. I recommend the wine “Brianna”, a light-bodied semi-sweet wine with pineapple aromas.

Lost Island Wines

Lost Island WinesLost Island WinesHidden in hustle and bustle of Onalaska, Lost Island Wines is a tropical island-themed wine bar with a plethora of choices at an affordable price. They have two separate wine lists, one dedicated to sweet, one to dry, and goldfish crackers to snack on in between sips. Try three for free, or 6 for $5. As mentioned in a previous post, I recommend their most popular wine, Red Raspberry Dragon, a rosé with flavors of dragonfruit and raspberries.

Elmaro Vineyard

Elmaro VineyardElmaro Vineyard

Located in Trempealeau, Wisconsin, Elmaro Vineyard is about a forty minute drive from La Crosse (and totally worth the drive). Enjoy a bottle (or two) of one of their delicious wines while overlooking their gorgeous vineyard. They offer complimentary tastings and sometimes music, movies, and sunset yoga. My favorite wines I sampled were the Vidal Blanc, a light white wine with notes of apple and citrus and Edleweiss, a semi-sweet white made from grapes in Vernon County, Wisconsin.

Branches Winery

Branches Winery31587899_10156365532869861_8844122417413488640_n

We visited this winery in the spring, but had a fabulous time chatting on their patio while enjoying a glass of their Roxie Rosé. About twenty minutes from La Crosse, their wine list ranges from dry reds, crisp whites, to sweet dessert wines, and feature Wisconsin-grown fruits!

Vernon Vineyards

Common Types of Red Wine

My favorite part about Vernon Vineyards is their wines are made with 100% locally grown Wisconsin grapes! Located in Viroqua, this winery offers four free wine samples of your choice in their tasting room, plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, and cheese plates for purchase to snack on. Their wines are very reasonably priced. I recommend the St. Pepin, a semi-dry white with floral aromas and notes of peach and apricot.

Vernon Vineyards, Viroqua Wisconsin

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