Simple Healthy Road Trip Snack Options

Road Trip Preparation

Sitting in a car for long periods of time isn’t great for your body. Plus you’re trying not to drink a lot of water so you don’t have to pee every five minutes. When hunger strikes the most convenient option is usually a fast food chain. It’s no wonder we tend to feel sluggish after a long car ride.

Preparing a cooler of yummy, healthier snack options ahead of time can save you time, money, and calories. I’ve compiled a list of road trip snacks to pack that are easy to prepare, easy to eat, and relatively mess-free.

Whole wheat turkey sandwiches (prepared the night before)

Grapes (picked off the vine and stored ahead of time)

Oranges (peeled, segmented, and stored ahead of time)

Beef jerky

String Cheese

Wheat thins, Triscuits, or whole wheat crackers

Peanut Butter in a cup or small dipping dish


Guacamole cups

Hummus cups

Carrot sticks or baby carrots

Bell pepper strips

Cherry tomatoes

SkinnyPop or SmartFood popcorn

Homemade protein bars, muffins, or granola bars

Type A Tips:

  • Label your sandwiches if the toppings and/or condiments differ
  • Portion out your crackers/pretzels into little baggies
  • Have hand sanitizer, hand wipes, paper towel, and a small garbage easily accessible


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