Road Trip Tips for People Who Hate Road Trips

Road Trip Tips (For People Who Hate Road Trips)

I’ve never been a fan of long car rides or road trips, but they’re hard to avoid if you like to travel and are a 9 to 5-er! So cope with it I must. Below are a few tips I’ve found that make them more bearable.

Road Trip Tips for People Who Hate Road Trips

Get Comfy

Whatever you have to do to make your ride more pleasant, do it. Wear comfy clothes (yoga pants or sweatpants), sports bra, socks if it’s cold out. Bring a pillow and a blanket. Car rides, even in the summer tend to get cool with the air conditioner. And you might need that pillow to snooze later. Pack what you can do without in the trunk of the car to give yourself more leg room. Nobody likes to feel crammed.

Avoid Hanger

Prevent becoming hangry by packing a cooler with snacks and beverages. Bring a bottle of water and finger food that is easy to eat and doesn’t make a mess. (But just in case it does make a mess, bring some hand wipes, paper towel, and hand sanitizer.)

Road Trip Preparation

Bring Entertainment

I don’t know many people who like to stare out into the road for hours at a time. Bring a book to read, download some new music or an e-book beforehand, or plan a couple car games to pass the time.

Road Trip Tips for People Who Hate Road Trips

Be Spontaneous!

If you see something awesome or interesting on your route, stop to take a look. We stopped on our most recent road trip to take a picture by a pink Sasquatch stature, which just happened to be in front of a cupcake shop, which just happened to be next to a winery. That pit stop was one of my favorite parts of the whole weekend!

Two Girls and a Cupcake

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